Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Starfuckers Flatland FIxed

Free Styler 2 from ryo ubota on Vimeo.

Holy crap. The flatland thing has hit the fixed crowd. =) This is Coichi from Starfuckers. Enjoy!

Pre MWMH Street Session

Midwest Mayhem Friday Night Street Session from Sam Erickson on Vimeo.

Some video of the guys i found in Sam Ericksons Vimeo. Thanks!

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We Feel no cold, Professional !!! - URBAN CYCLIST

We Feel no cold, Professional !!! - URBAN CYCLIST

Standard Hotel x PK Ripper

The Standard Hotel, which is some Washington Street rich tourist bullshit has gotten a fleet of "standard hotel pk rippers" for their guests to play fixed gear on. Some reason this annoys me. They do at least have brakes.
Standard Hotel x DC x SE Racing - PK Ripper Fixed Gear Bike |

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Friday, January 29, 2010

honey living: picking up the pieces

Heres an excerpt from some other blog that i thought was pretty funny. didnt end the way i had expected.

"there was a lot of activity in the crosswalk right outside grand central station - not unusual, but just enough of a flurry to catch my attention. and what i saw made me feel warm all over. a bike messenger had been knocked over and lost hold of his bag, which was apparently full of thousands of pieces of paper, and they were blowing all over the place - some were already several blocks away. my heart immediately sunk, realizing there was no way he'd recover them all. i wanted to cry for him. and for everyone and everything, because it was that kind of mood i was in, as you might remember.

but there in the crosswalk in midtown manhattan in rush hour on a friday night, a dozen passersby were running around picking up the pieces. literally.

and it hit me like a ton of bricks - unsink your heart and get moving. i joined the passersby, and i picked up the pieces i could catch up to, and the messenger's face as each person handed him the windblown, crumpled slips of paper spoke volumes.

some people would say "only in new york," but i disagree - i think people everywhere are good and kind and giving. now the bike messenger being knocked over by a rushing pedestrian? THAT might be only in new york

we're all in this together"
Now if you expand that picture, you can see the papers he dropped were Elite Courier Job Tickets. I hope they werent already filled out. I dont recognize the bike and im glad everyone is ok. Come to think of it though, noone really helps me when i bust my ass on the street... what the hell

oh no

Cold Weather Music

This song has gotten me through many cold New York Winters. Enjoy.
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Matty No Times' Benefit Show - TONIGHT (Fri Jan 29)

Matt is a really talented brooklyn tattoo artist at Three Kings Tattoo with a heap load of medical bills. Get your ass out tonight to this show. And you can get THIS awesome tee shirt there as well.
nyc fixed gear - OT: Matty No Times' Benefit Show - TONIGHT (Fri Jan 29)

RVA Trick Ride

Gotta Blast: Mike Hoder from Shook Video

Im into this.

Gotta Blast: Mike Hoder from Shook_Interactive - Video

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Death Pedal Two Trailer

Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

Just saw this on Zlog.
Wonka has been talking about the footage in DP2 being off the wall. This preview trailer is sick. Now I really beleive him. Wow. Looks great. Check them out at Death-Pedal.Com

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Monster Track 10 footage

The Albany crew that was here last year for MonsterTrack 10 was nice enough to hit us off with this video of their ride last year. Gear yourself up for MT11 by watching this video. Ouch at 4:13
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I heart Huckabees.

I am 90% sure this guy hangs around downtown firehouses and then continually beats them to the scene of fires. Pretty Amazing. Im not sure if hes a real FireFighter.

Flickr Photo Download: IMG_0236

NY Messenger Style

This is NY messenger Style. 

Flickr Photo Download: IMG_1034


This is pretty dope. For those that dont remember, 5 panel hats were and still are a NY style from the early 90s. The flat brimmed style was called "baltimore style", and noone really did it here until the skaters picked it up. Peep Wu Tang and any old Zoo York stuff youll always see those guys in the 5 panel. I like this one bc its black like outer space.
【楽天市場】【11%OFF】プライスダウン!MISHKA 5 PANEL NEW ERA CAP:吉井商店 楽天市場店

Dino of the Murder Junkies

This man has seen it all. Also known as the "naked drummer" Dino is out here rain or shine, probably alot easier than touring with GG ALLIN.  Notice not one bag, but two! "have a nice day!"

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Adventures Of New York City Bike Messengers

The Adventures Of New York City Bike Messengers

Good friend and vet bike messenger VIctor recently updated his website, NYCMASSIVE keep an eye out, he always has his ear to the street on messenger races, news, drama and info.

Stairways to Heaven Trailer

Stairways to Heaven-Preview from The Bicinity on Vimeo.

Saw this over on No Whips blog. I think i like it. 

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New Build from 14 Bike Co.

So nice! Love the radial front. Clean build but you photohraphed the wrong side. =)
jonny’s new bike « 14bikeco’s Blog

StuporBowl 13

The best part of Stupor Bowl is getting drunk phone calls from your friends if you coudlnt make it.

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a little snowbiker for todays half inch =)


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Its icy out so here you go!

This is Lucas Brunelle with a really awesome video. One of the first guys to accurately film the energy behind alleycat races. He consistently finishes with the first place rider of all major alleycats in order to film the win. Its really amazing. Check some of his work here with some of the old school messengers.

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Bike messenger for a day.

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Its so funny when you see companies try to portray messenger work. Caught this over on Diablos Blog.

Powder? Coming?! YES!

  Heres a peak at Becky from the previous posts SquareBuilt frame. Handmade by Lance Mercado in Bed Stuy Do or Die New York. Its actually been in the shop for a while, just waiting for paint. Lance has been spending the past few months prepping the shop and getting things ready to accept a new compressor, sandblast booth, powder equipment and an oven. Ill update you on how this baby looks when everything is up and running.

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Becky. Of Elite Couriers. Ask for her by name.

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Brooklyn Banks Jam Video. So nice.

BANKS JAM from y.arava on Vimeo.

WOW. From Arava. Woke up to this on ProllyBlog.

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