Thursday, March 25, 2010

God isnt laughing?


i love this shot.

(Credit: Trevor Gordon)

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Fixed Gear Bike Poseur

Black Omniums only at Chari And Co NYC

I thought my Sugino 75s were stuff until i tried these. You really wont know what your missing until you try them. And theyre pretty simple because you get the chain ring, cranks, bottom bracket and bolts all in one package macking it really simple. The outboard bearings look great, installation was a snap. I wont go back just because the tool is much easier to use also. And you tricksters can grind your little ass off on these. Get em in black ONLY at Chari.
Chari And Co NYC

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This bike was stolen.

If you see it, email me @, twitter me @krillz2000

New Loop

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G.racefully R.iding I.nbetween M.echanized E.vil

This just a look at the backend of Grime Street our print studio right next to SquareBuilt and Stay tuned to for a new edit coming soon with Wonka, Mike Schmitt, and Torey killing it again and again.
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Squarebuilt 2010

Lance at Squarebuilt bikes, has not been building for the past few days. Well he has been building, just not bikes. Look at the workmanship of this blast cabinet he built. Ive never seen him work with wood before. In fact ive seen Lance use metal when wood wouldve prob been easier. Lances spring project is almost complete now with the ability to fit people, design frames, build frames and now sandblast and powdercoat in house. Congrats to Lance making big moves in 2010.

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Get cha Grime on.

Just brought some new tees over to Chari and co. in between runs yesterday and since it was raining and work was slow i wound up chilling for hours.

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An Anomalistically Grimey Weekend, Or Two

Mike Schmitt came up from Virginia two and a half weeks ago and just left last night.  During this past week we spent a day at the Animal warehouse in New Jersey talking with them about some new goods, and shredding their warehouse ramps.  That place is insane! While Mike was here we all put our selves on the line for the next Grime edit.  This ladies going to be way sick.  Mike definitely stepped up to the plate and delivered some gnarly substance, and Wonka went in as well, of course.  Here are some photos from the whole shenanigans. 

check Wrahw for the whole write up!

This is whats up.

Ma neu prodjekt. too many hours of paint stripper and sandpaper to remove a perfectly good hard glossy coat of paint (it was godawful ugly). roughly polished up, this aluminium should develop a nice patina. bars are for pit bike new on trademe 20 bucks

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Koston on a trackbike by MATTERWILLIGER

We in trouble now? This is Eric Koston. Google him.
Yfrog - koston - Uploaded by MATTERWILLIGER

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