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Monstertrack XI aftermath,recap and finish controversy!!


So this is how it all went down.

* the only thing that went according to plan was friday. Why, we’ll there wasen’t that much to do but wait until Saturday. Saturday, the way it was supposed to be was after registration, we would mass ride to manhattan from brooklyn over the Williamsburg bridge car path. Of course there is a new law in NyC that says you can’t have more that 50 people at a time anytime, riding anywhere, and i had about 130 people registered . Whatever, a plan is a plan and we would give it a go. i had instructions on how to get to the first checkpoint where the first manifest would be printed out. i couldn’t tell anyone where that was since, nyc alley-cat riders would and do try to cheat,(thats just how it is in alley-cats,always is,always will be)and i gave half to jason from affinity with instructions. he was to start the race if the cops stopped us,and i would try and stall the cops,get a ticket if need be.A cop from NYPD 90 precincts reminded me that,potentially we could all get stopped.i figured the worst that can happen was me getting a ticket,like a couple of years ago when i got not one but two tickets,which i don’t even know where they are right now. Well we rode over the bridge and of course since no one listens or pays attention when you have a big crowd,everyone followed someone,and apparently,bumrushed jason for the instructions on how to get the first checkpoint. Well that would be the beginning of the a botched start.not much you can do. once the crowd starts, there is no way in hell you can stop over a hundred ppl once they get moving. the problem is i wasen’t sure if everyone knew where to long as they followed each other to the first checkpoint,it was all good.but in hindsight, i should have just held on to the instructions and dealt with it,no matter whether the cops stopped me or not. but hey again,its an alleycat and shi*t like this happen. not good but thats the nature of the beast. so thats how the race started.

there were supposed to be 3 manifests. one up,one mid,one were supposed to get number two at columbus circle.when ppl got there they got number 3,everybody got 3 instead of two . Thats was another botch job. didn’t affect the outcome of the race,the race just happened to be shorter than it would have been. people got manifest 3 and headed downtown. the first and fast pack stayed together for most of the race.

at the finish,well that was a controversey in its self.J.t was the first one there but he was never seen at attorney st checkpoint. Hugo was next but i already know his m.o, he claimed no one was at greenwich,when i had two ppl there.the only checkpoint person missin someone was massan,who was playing hookey instead of being at fulton st and water st. When that happens, everybody knows the deal you keep going. checkpoint people are volunteers ,who know maybe he wanted to take a leak,or a dump or whatever. Next came the first fast pack of austin,alfred,and dominican crihs not too far behind.austin was leading,and while walking to me,the finish,alfred ran and slapped his manifest on my hand. Felipe came in what we now know was 4th place. Everybody just started yelling and screaming. Hopefully the video can be posted somewhere. Jt was heated, austin threatened a boycott(not sure how you boycott an alley-cat) Alfred got in my face. its what you call in the heat of the moment.thats why riding an alley-cat in nyc is serious sh*t. people give ll they have ,ride harder than anyone. its fucking dangerous. you race and don’t get paid sh*t.its acing for the glory and so the finish is the most important part of an alley-cat. and when its a close finish after not to much went according to plan,then it gets very heated. and as organizer, well my word becomes final,and thats how you deal with it. i offered $500 for a sprint off. Felipe Hugo and Crihs and J.T who was looking for redemption,squared off. j.t won, but the winner of the main race was already decided. no one got hurt,or lost,which was a big plus. and i saw a whole load of cameras so we’ll start posting pictures. still have a sh*t load of manifest to go over.



  1. Alfred
  2. Austin
  3. Crihs
  4. Felps
  5. Dan
  6. Craig boston
  7. Epic boston
  8. Izumi


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  4. (dfl) heather"
Monstertrack XI aftermath,recap and finish controversy!!

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