Monday, March 08, 2010

Transient Bag Co. RELEASE DAY!!!!!

 Today is Transients release date for their new sling bag. Alex had contacted me in December to test one of these and it really worked out great. We went back and forth for several months making small changes and upgrades to come up with a really nice bag. It is really something that is up to the task of everyday messenger work. What i mean by this is that the large size is actually big enough to work with and its completely waterproof. I carry hard drives, film, expensive fucking shoes for models who would shit if their delivery got wet and i carry a small laptop to dispatch off. Im not afraid of anything getting wet. All the while the bag is completely comfortable and compressable with straps along the base which is covered in a really tough nylon. Check out right now. If im not mistaken i think there is a special deal for messengers as well.
Transient Bag Co. — Large Black Messenger

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Transient Bag Co. said...

For a second, I thought you were saying that your bag stayed dry, while making models wet. I'm not awake yet...

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