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Saturday, June 26, 2010



Stone Tone has been using these slip ons for as long as I have known him and its been awhile, I remember seeing him in the winter in these sneakers with his socks peeking out of the holes.


Someone out there, please send this fine gentleman a pair of sneakers please, he will forever be grateful and so will I because I will no longer have to stare at his toes. The sneaker is actually quite worse then it even looks, the heels have all ripped apart, I don’t know how he even rides in those sneakers.

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Tyler J.

Photo credit: Matt Lingo

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wonka by Matt Lingo

Matt Lingo, a San Diego based photographer, took these shots during the BFF 2010 in NY.

Wonka Bar Spin off Tables on his new Grime frame. He is consistently killing it every time.

Wonka with Tom LaMarche and his Charge prototype.

Wonkas' Grime YoMang! prototype frame. You should definitely head over to the new Grime site for the latest news. There's a lot going on. From what I can see the frame looks pretty slick. More updates very soon, that's for sure.

Via: Heavy Pedal

Read also: Grime Yomang!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This past weekend, Kevin and Peter from COG Magazine were in town for Bike Film Fest and wound up staying in at my place for the festivities. Im not sure if they realized at least one of them was going to be sleeping on an air mattress in our print shop, which is 5 feet from our powder booth in the bike shop.

Anways, they guys used our place as a home base for the weekend and even helped finish up a bike for our table since Kevin is experienced with powdercoating and showed Lance some tricks. I cant take any credit for being there since it happened at like 3 in the morning Friday night and i was fast asleep after a real crazy week organizing, printing, making deliveries, taking orders, blah blah blah

Finaly monday morning as the guys were packing up to head back to Milwaukee and i was about to head out the door they asked if i would do a quick interview. But it came out great! Thanks guys! I think it looks really great.

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cogWei catches some action!

cogWei: theGRIME YOMANG!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

TheGRIME YOMANG! fixed26"

The YOMANG! is 26" specific and fits up to 2.5" tires. Specifically formulated by Mike Schmitt and Wonka. Designed for optimum response and durability. Stairsets and handrails are this bikes best friend. Videos to come. 2" downtube, 1.25" toptube, dutchmaster sized mtb seatstays and philly blunt sized mtb chainstays in the sexiest S bend ever, created by some of Brooklyns best frame builders. CNC'd Hourglass integrated headtube and MID bottom bracket. Built by rippers for rippers in Bedford Stuyvesent NEW YORK. Limited GRIME GREEN colorway. Forks are 420mm and 410mm. 73 HTA 73 STA All frames ship with ANIMAL headsets BC ANIMAL is sick.
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Monday, June 14, 2010

...true GRIME comes from within

In case you didnt know, this is my man CHOMBO winning FIRST place in a polo competetion rocking his GRIME tee. Thank dude!!!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010




If you are a ‘BMX’ fanatic then you are aware that OAKLEY B-1B GRIPS like this are the perfect ‘finishing-touch’ for riders on BASSETT, COOK BROS, CW, CRUPI, DIAMOND BACK, DG, DK, DYNO, ELF, FMF, GJS, HARO, HUTCH,  JMC, KUWAHARA, LEARY, MCS, PATTERSON, POWERLITE, RACE INC, SE RACING, REDLINE, ROBINSON, SCHWINN, S&M, SKYWAY, THRUSTER, TORKER, CRUPI, CYCLES INC., MONGOOSE, GT, VDC as well as many, many other cool mx bikes of that era !

For more pictures, details, and purchasing. click here

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Olympian Messenger.

The fastest cat in the jungle.

OG Nelson Vails.

Blogs - Urban Cyclist Worldwide

Squid is down

For anyone who isnt down with the messenger world, Squid is like the Michael Jordan of this shit and im flattered that he supports my latest endeavor the Grime. He has the Mini on his Bern Helmet, But get your 8" here. Thanks Squid!

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Torey Georgia Wallride

This shot reminded me of the previous Gonzalez wallride so i posted both. Torey is on the same path as the legend and you will hear his name for years and years to come as a distinguished innovator and creator in the fixed scene with style like no other.Check out WRAHW!

Marc Gonzaelz Cruiser wallride

First saw this about a year ago and was blown away. This guy just doesnt care what he is riding. he just kills it. Check out the videos of him trying to kickflip the mountain bike. Just on some other shit ALL the time. a real inspiration.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Thursday, June 03, 2010

My girl carries this.

how bout yours?

Dont steal wheels bro.

I was just rolling up Sullivan street an hour so ago and I see this guy looking mad suspicious with latex gloves on yanking on this wheel thats on this bike still locked up. I say "is that yours?" and pull out the camera. The rest you can see from the following video until he got in my face and i turn the camera off. After a struggle, he went back behind this building and hid the wheel. I called the cops on this mouthbreather. Look at that mug.... GAH!

They came and he tried to flip it on me, and say that i was working with an accomplice who loosened the wheel and i came by to scoop it. The owner of the wheel eventually came by and confirmed that he did not know this guy and got his wheel back. By the way, he is the super at 115 Sullivan street in manhattan. DONT STEAL BIKES BRO. NYC

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