Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This past weekend, Kevin and Peter from COG Magazine were in town for Bike Film Fest and wound up staying in at my place for the festivities. Im not sure if they realized at least one of them was going to be sleeping on an air mattress in our print shop, which is 5 feet from our powder booth in the bike shop.

Anways, they guys used our place as a home base for the weekend and even helped finish up a bike for our table since Kevin is experienced with powdercoating and showed Lance some tricks. I cant take any credit for being there since it happened at like 3 in the morning Friday night and i was fast asleep after a real crazy week organizing, printing, making deliveries, taking orders, blah blah blah

Finaly monday morning as the guys were packing up to head back to Milwaukee and i was about to head out the door they asked if i would do a quick interview. But it came out great! Thanks guys! I think it looks really great.

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