Friday, March 12, 2010

Grime Street. Available Early @ ChariandCo and Affinity

Grime street. Support rider owned enterprise. This is a project between myself, Wonka of Gorilla Bikes, and Mike Schmitt of Leader bikes and RVAfixed. We decided we've got enough ideas and energy to devote some time and effort into creating some threads we would be happy to wear in addition to simply riding the fuck out of our bikes.
Available early at two local shops we have a very close relationship with and wanted to show some love for, Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn and Chari and Co in Manhattan at $20 tees and $30 hoodies. They have a gold flake print, and limited three tone 'GrimeSet' print that are all original and all slightly different shades of yellow, green, and pink.

or temporarily for online orders just email 

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