Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SquareBuilt FundRaiser for KiVa. Thanks Heather!

You may be asking yourself. What is this all about? Who’s Heather Muller? What charity is this for? What does SquareBuilt have to do with it? Well read on.

MonsterTrack XI was on Saturday March 6th 2010 

Heather Muller came in as 1st Place Lady (AGAIN)

She has come in 1st place 3 years in a row

The first year her 1st place prize was

A custom built SquareBuilt ($2600)

Her prize this year is another SquareBuilt

Heather has decided to do some good by  giving her new custom SquareBuilt Frame to someone who helps us raise the money to use at

We will have a BBQ Dinner Fundraiser at East River on July 2, 2010. Purchase/Register your tickets at the bottom of the page. They are $10 dollars each and you can buy as many as you like. The tickets are numbered 000-999. On the day of the Dinner we will match the last 3 digits of the Dow Jones closing price that day to the ticket of  the same number and that person will get a new custom handmade SquareBuilt. We will either email or call you. So don’t worry if you can’t actually make it to the BBQ dinner that day. We understand its Independence Day weekend plans sometimes can’t be changed. Here are some pictures of Heathers first SquareBuilt and my latest frame to get your juices flowing.


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