Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My bike.

ok so its not the fastest bike on the road but this is my work bike. when im not dispatching and writing bullshit here im on the road on this bitch for about 35 miles a day. The volume cutter with a fu manchu fork is burly as all hell and is still very relaxed for a comfy ride all day long. I have some 36 hole velocity chukkers, with profile hubs. Very strong, the days of being afraid to drop off stuff are over, and with 36 spokes they should be easier to keep round down the line. They spin really really well, these are the first hubs ive ever had that werent formula. While Formulas with phil bearings spin great i would say these spin longer and smoother. I use a swobo seat, its very padded and still grippy enough for some freestyle. It does ruin pants however. The bars are volume trickster bars with a healthy 4" rise and a Primo Aneyerlator stem. I also use Omnium cranks, the bearing design is genius and these are noticeably stiffer than the sugino75s im used to. Of course im also completely on boat with the NY special HoldFast straps and Twisted PC pedals, these allow me to wear boots in the rain and snow. Thats about it!
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