Friday, December 10, 2010



I normally dont write much. I let the pictures do the talking, but i felt BURRO needed a shout out here. Not only do i spend way too muchtime on the internet but i am also a courier here in nyc. Ive had my fair share of messenger bags in my short 6 year caree and i can definetlely say i am most excited about this one. I have a real screwed up back so i cant use a sling anymore. but on of the problems with alot of backpack style bags is that you cannot easily access the rear pocket without taking the bag completely off first. Burro fixed this problem with a really simple solution. They put clips on both shoulder straps to easily click on arm off and swing the bag around and get at your shit!
The inside has a padded pocket and recycled vinyl materil that gives each bag its own feel. Compression straps everywhere make it real easy to cing down, the bucles are all big and plastic, so no cold metal on my hands, and no small shit i cant get at with gloves on either. I had been "borrowing" mike schmitt and wonkas Burros for the past few months but now i can finally get ride of my shitty old heavy ass chrome rolltop. Thanks BURRO!!!

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