Monday, April 05, 2010

New Manhattan Bike Shop!

"My name is John Keoshgerian and for as long as I have worked at bike shops customers have always asked me if I was the owner, humbly I would answer “No I’m just the Manager”. What drove me to work so hard? Simply put it was the satisfaction of seeing a customer who was happy with their purchase and the service I provided that no one else could. Thus I always took the question as a compliment and dreamt of the day that I would run my very own bike shop. After fourteen years of working for others the opportunity arrived and with a lot of sacrifice, some begging, some borrowing and a with bunch of convincing of my wife here we are.
It started with a name and a philosophy, Zen best describes the experience of riding any bike. Whether it’s a Sunday afternoon ride with your true love, a hard driving group ride with club members or just tootling around with the little tikes. We at Zen Bikes want to set a mood and create an environment that makes the buying experience reflect this ideal of fun and also an environment of learning and rider development through seminars and classes. Given time I believe that this new viewpoint will bring us success and push other bike shops to put the customer above all as we do.

Please feel free to drop by the shop for our 4 grand opening days (just in case you miss one) starting with Saturday April 10th at 6 pm for hordevoures,drinks and music and a meet and greet with all the members of our crew including Lola the Puppy. Plus we’ll have giveaways, coupons for grand opening discounts! Below are the dates for the other 3 Grand Opening celebrations.
Saturday April 17th at 6pm
Saturday April 25th at 6 pm
Saturday May 1st at 6 pm
Note that we will extend 10% discounts for Transportation Alternatives, 5 Boro bike club and the NY Cycle Club on all parts and labor which can be combined with 5% coupon given away at grand opening.
Thank You and hope to see you there.
Sincerely, John Keoshgerian "
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