Thursday, May 06, 2010

Me and my Affinity Cyclone

Joey Krillz and Cyclone gen1
This is a Shot Takuya took of me with my Gen1 Affinity Cyclone.  Ive been riding this bike for a few weeks now and i really like it alot. By riding, i mean mostly courier work, with the occasional stairset, wheelie and pedal grind. Nothing TOO hardcore but enough to break a regular old track frame. Before this i was riding a Volume Cutter, my complaints with that bike, although its was really well built and strong, it was heavy, had a really long wheelbase (or it felt like it) and it rode like a cruiser due to the slack angles. On the Affinity frame, i quickly noticed it was lighter, more responsive, shorter wheelbase and rode much better in traffic. It was also alot easier to just throw around. Overall, the bike just rides really well and im glad i made the switch. Oh yeah, it fits 40s in the rear slammed into the curved seat tube.
The new version should be out in a few weeks i believe, with gussets, oversize tubing, shorter seat tube, longer fork and some other new features that im sure will really make this something special. Keep an eye out at Affinity
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Jason said...

There isn't too many reviews on these things. How is the toe overlap?

krillz said...

i have 165s and its not bad at all. i dont think the pedal hits the wheel at all. the bottom bracket height is good too.

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