Friday, March 05, 2010

A word from the Monstertrack organizer.

So the time has come, again, for a beautiful,chaotic,sometimes disorganized,but yet a super great time of the year. Bikes will be ridden, friendships will be made, friendships will be rekindled, and a great time will be had by all. And isn’t it what all this is all about.Events like this are made possible by the generosity of sponsors.It takes more than one but all are equally important. Most are one-man or small operations, and most of what’s given is made by what i like to call love. Something to keep in mind when you happen to end up with a bag, hip pouch,t shirt,bike frame, or accessories that one received as a prize.Someone , somewhere, took an effort to make it,and also make it happen, and in turn we owe them,if anything, respect for theirsupport.After its all said and done, we would,again, like to thanks thefollowing for coming through and making all this possible,(in noparticular order).Affinity,R.E.Load,Bishop Bikes,Chrome,Square Built, Fyxation, Chari & Co, Volume Bikes, Archive Bags sf, Swerv cycling apparel store,Vittoria, M.E.R. Bags, Mission Workshop Bags, Hold Fast, KeirinBerlin,Timbuk2 bags, Laekhouse, City Bikes NYC,King Kog, Outlier, FastEddie Williams,Takahiro Kudo KU Jewelry, CyclehawkThis is what you call going above and beyond the call of duty. See you on March 6th,and lets have a blast!
A word from the Monstertrack organizer. - CYCLEHAWK

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